Tohono Chul Park
Visit the Gardens of Tohono Chul
Visitors hiking the Saguaro Loop Trail

In addition to a being a botanical garden with lush displays, the Park offers a candid view of Sonoran Desert habitats. With the exception of newly planted vegetation and our collection of night-blooming cereus plants, whatever flora you encounter on the three main trails are existing on annual desert rainfall.

Trails range from a quarter mile to half mile in length and are primarily inhabited with prickly pear, creosote, palo verdes, saguaros, barrel cacti, night-blooming cereus, yuccas and agaves. Of course, you might also find all the creatures who thrive in this habitat. Spotted mammals and birds include: bobcats, javelina, jackrabbits, roadrunners, cactus wrens, coatimundis, Cooper’s hawks and much more.

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