Tohono Chul Park
geology wall
Richard Wilson’s Geology Wall
Unique in all of Tucson, if not the world, is the Park’s Geology Wall exhibit. The idea of founder Richard Wilson, a geology professor with the University of Arizona, and built by geologist Doug Shakel and Toby Wright, the 55 foot long, semi-circular wall consists of several hundred rock specimens that represent the more than two dozen geologic formations that comprise the 9,000-foot Santa Catalina Mountains, visible just over the top of the wall itself. As you proceed along the Wall from left to right, you are walking through two billion years of the earth’s history! In general, the rocks of the Catalinas (and the Wall) become younger and younger as you proceed southward. Thus Tucson is built on the youngest rocks, displayed on the far right. The oldest are displayed on the far left and would be found north of the Catalinas near the town of Oracle

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